1. Vehicle Tracking

Real-time Tracking: Get to know your vehicle’s exact location on Google Maps; its real-time speed and the direction in which it is travelling.

Virtual Boundary (Geo-Fencing): Set boundaries for your vehicle and get instant alerts when your vehicle enters or exits your defined boundary.

Manual Geo-Fencing: Draw manual boundaries for multiple locations.

Single Touch Geo-Fencing: Create geo-fence just by touching your vehicle’s location on screen.

Auto Geo-Fencing: A virtual boundary is automatically created around your vehicle after 10 minutes of vehicle’s ignition OFF.

Vehicle Movement Replay: Track the exact route covered by your vehicle at any given time for duration of 24 hours, upto past 3 months.

2. Safety & Security

Remote Immobilization: In case of vehicle theft, get your vehicle immobilized by switching OFF and locking its Engine remotely, so that it cannot be moved any further. (Note: This feature is only applicable for key start vehicle)

Towing Alert: Get instantly alerted when your vehicle is being towed, so that you can rush out and stop the Towing Van.

Rash Driving Alerts:

Over-speeding: Set a speed limit for your vehicle and get instantly alerted when your vehicle crosses its pre-set speed limit.

Harsh Braking: Get an instant alert when your vehicle experiences instances of Harsh Braking.

Harsh Acceleration: In case of harsh acceleration of your vehicle, you will get an instant alert.