6. Fleet Features

Multi-Window Real-Time Tracking: Group your vehicles as per your business need (location, vehicle type, client wise etc.) and easily track all of them in real-time across multiple windows on the same screen.

Trip Scheduling: Easily schedule customized trips for your vehicles and get to know when they Start and End their scheduled Trips.

Rash Driving Alerts: Get an instant alert when your vehicle crosses your pre-set speed limit and when it experiences incidents of rash driving like sudden Acceleration or Harsh Braking.

Halt Reports: Exactly know how many times and at which location your vehicles stopped for more than 15 minutes.

Vehicle Servicing Reports: Get advanced intimations when your vehicles are due for their Servicing.

Bulk Geo-Fencing: Set Geo-Fencing for all your vehicles at the same time and get instantly alerted when they Enter and Exit the identified travel areas/routes.

Vehicle Movement Replay: Exactly know which places your vehicle travelled for any given date and time.

10 + 10 Idling Alerts: Get an instant alert when your Vehicle’s Engine is Idling for 10 minutes and get another reminder alert when it continues to Idle after 20 mins.

Trip Reports: Get detailed Journey Reports like day-wise distance travelled, journey time, route taken etc. for your vehicles.

Remote Immobilization: In case of vehicle theft, stop your Vehicle mid-way by simply calling our Call Centre.